Marine Biodiversity, Ecology & Ecosystem Services
at University College Dublin

Who We Are

MarBEES is a dynamic group of researchers with broad interests in marine biology and its application to management and policy. We undertake projects to tackle pure, strategic and applied issues.  These include animal behaviour, community ecology, marine invasions, impacts of multiple stressors on biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services, monitoring techniques and the design and implementation of marine protected areas.  We also have an active interest in the cultural aspects of the marine environment through collaborations with colleagues in arts, humanities and social sciences.

Video: MarBEES researchers installing eco-engineering structures on a sea wall. 

Video credit: Jennifer Coughlan, UCD

What We Do

Much of our research aims to provide an evidence base for the conservation of marine biodiversity and the management of human activity in the marine environment. We collaborate extensively with researchers and stakeholders in Ireland and around the world and have received support from a wide range of funding agencies.